10 tips to become a professional 10 km runner

In september 2015, I had run something like 2 footings in my whole life and really heated it. But one day, Robin, one colleague, convinced me to run a race to raise money for ill children. Once I agreed, I could not come back and I then decided to take it seriously and to train with him and here is what I learned from that experience.

1. Buy the perfect equipment.

This is a key to your success. If your shoes hurts your feet you won’t be motivated to run. If you don’t have an armband for your phone you won’t listen record your progress. Having a great equipment is a key!

2. Download a great phone application. 

Before to start running you must have an app to follow your avancement. I would advice you nike run that gives you the opportunity to compare your performances with your friends and to post it on the social networks so people encourage you.

3. Write down your objectives.

Your objective might be to run 5km the first week and then 1 more kilometer per week. Have reachable objectives and respect them once your start.

4. Find a friend to run with.

This is really important for your motivation. This person does not have to necessarily run at your rhythm, you don’t need to run with that person just this person to help you keep being motivated.

5. Eat in consequence before a training.

Nobody can run 10 km after a one day starvation or 10 min after eating 10 Bigmacs ! Keep that in mind! Wait two hours after a meal to run so you don’t feel seek.

6. Run at least twice a week.

This is the best pace if you want to progress. I personally used to run 3 time a week.

7. Work-out between sessions.

Great muscles will help you to run faster and to recover more easily after a session !

8. Run at least 3 time 10 km before the final day.

Being trained to run the distance will allow you to excel the D-day thanks to the adrenaline.

9. Take a week to rest.

One week before, stop running and give your body a little rest.

10. Enjoy your run.

Remember that you trained to have fun. It is not all about the performance its about living so make sure to have a good time. My first run i probably lost 1 min clapping in children hands that were supporting us. I did not as great a time as expected but a really enjoyed theses 50 minutes.

I hope all these advice will help you to make the perfect race.

See you next week for a next article.


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